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Study rules every Software Developer should know about

In this post, I will go over ten rules that I follow whenever I have to learn something new

7 min read

5 Tips for Component Driven Development

Component-based Development has taken the FrontEnd Development by storm.Here are some tips to help you with Component Driven Development.

6 min read

Git Tips

Simple communication tips for software developers using Git.

6 min read

React: Painting a Mental Model

Whether you’ve been working with React for years or are just starting, having a useful mental model is, in my opinion, the fastest way to feel confident working with it.

14 min read

Getting started with Tailwind CSS

A CSS library that gives you all of the building blocks you need for building 21st-century web interfaces & designs without opinionated styles.

5 min read

Array Data Structures in Javascript

Arrays are indispensable data-structures in javascript and understanding how to effectively use them to solve problems is a crucial skill to master.

6 min read

React Hooks are a Game changer

React is a JavaScript library that aims to simplify development of visual interfaces and its state at any point in time, by dividing the UI into a collection of components.

9 min read

What I learnt from creating my site

Trying out some new technology is always an adventure, especially if you start by assuming you know how to use it.

7 min read

Being a team player and how it benefits you

IMHO, helping people struggling is something you should do. Period. Especially they struggle with something i.e programming that you can solve, in seconds, something that would take them a long time to solve. Also by helping others, you also improve your skills as a programmer.

3 min read

Serving fullstack apps with React and Django

Django is one of the most complete web development frameworks available.With the power of Python, we can get an application up and running in just about no time..

5 min read

Time management for a developer

Why does improving time management remain such a persistent, perennial goal for so many of us?

4 min read

Designing web APIs with Python and Django

Building a Python event scheduler application, sort of like a mini version of Eventbrite or

12 min read

From Promise chains to Async/Await

I do not know about you, but I am not a fan of those chains when working with promises. In my opinion, using async/await makes the code more readable and cleaner.

4 min read

Learning git is not an option

Useful Git cheatsheets to help you manoeuvre around the github eco-system

4 min read