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January 19, 2020 4 min read

When it comes to time management, there are tons of articles on how to be productive.

From the time of the day to the typical way you tackle from Eat the Frog, Getting Things Done [GTD]. Doing the most important 3 tasks for the day to building systems to be better through using a virtual assistant.

I tried to use these techniques and things that work for me. So here are some the time management techniques that I think might be useful for anyone.

Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique is a time management technique where you allocate 25 - 30 mins for each Pomodoro session to dedicate your time on a specific task without distraction.

Your break will be 5 - 10 mins and 15 - 20 mins after 4 sessions.

Set yourself a daily goal of 4 or 5 Pomodoro when you are starting it. You slowly raise your bar to be 10 Pomodoro daily.

To start Pomodoro, you can get a tool like tomato-timer. You could use it to cross out a task after you are done.

A thing about the Pomodoro technique is that you will feel multiple emotional states when you are using this technique.

It’s too dam long till my next break - Yes I encounter it a lot whenever I’m mentally drained. I found that non-vocal music helps a lot for concentration to complete your Pomodoro session. The break is too short - Yes i dread it whenever it is the end of my break. Which is why you set a minimum amount of Pomodoros you plan to do daily. I missed my Pomodoro and used my rest time to work on it - This happens when I am in the zone. Give yourself a longer when you are done. Planning 1 Week In Advance Spending 25 mins in a day to plan for the following week. On what is the task to tackle each day with its own Pomodoro session from 1 - 3. Which falls within your daily limit of Pomodoros that you had set previously.

For me, I tried 20 Pomodoros for daily after looking at the report for my weekly number of Pomodoros. I usually fall below it after a 20 Pomodoro session. Focus on the consistency of hitting your daily Pomdoros.

Especially you know what you would like to focus on for that week could slowly morph into a system that allows you to have more time for yourself.

Focus On What Is Important

I remember reading the book Eat the Frog by Brian Tracy.

Tackling a hard task with the most impact on the list complete it before 11 am.

For me, I continue to stick to my daily Pomodoro of 10 sessions. I focus on completing a hard task that has the most impact. Sure I might not be able to complete all 10 Pomodoro daily or exceed 10.

Exceeding 10 Pomodoro has a drastic effect on yourself do it with caution when you are hitting more than 10.

Do consistently strive towards your daily goal. Always be mindful of your body and mental state. 10 Pomodoro daily is basically 70 Pomodoros a week so you will have plenty of time for play.

Removal Of Distraction

This is kind of tough for me as I love my communication, my Facebook and entertainment that I could spend hours a day to destress.

The best way to remove distractions in the modern world. It is just turn off your alerts or notifications to focus.

Strive to complete your daily limit of x number of Pomodoros for each day. Spend your break time to rest till your done with your daily limit of Pomodoro.

Measuring & Tracking Your Time

By tracking of where your time is spent. You become aware of yourself.

You will find a way to put in barriers to be in an environment. To spend lesser time on unproductive activities and more on productive activities.

Therefore i would recommend RescueTime & Toggl to help in tracking your time on where you had spent it to reduce on unproductive to productive time.


I hope this is useful for you to help you to be in the flow when focusing on the task at hand by one step at a time.

i know that what I recommend may not help you but do try it out if it works for you. You should always seek to build a system for yourself. To manage your time better to complete tasks. Do add in some buffer times for firefighting.

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