Here's a brief introduction to some of the projects I've built or made contributions to! I'm comfortable with working on JavaScript, Python web frameworks and always exploring other technologies that may be handy.


A blog site with relative social articles. Inspired by the Netflix app features, the site comes with a search and recomendation design. As a person who likes reading, this site is a haven for writing articles that I related to. Developed with Jekyll static site generator and Ruby gems.

 Demo  Code

Event Scheduler

An event scheduler application, sort of like a mini version of Eventbrite or Allows users to create outdoor events and other users to register as attendees. Built using Python, Django and Django Rest-Framework. Here is a tutorial on how I set up the JSON API and tested the endpoints on postman.

Blog  Code


My girl sells designer women clothes, shoes, sweaters, etc—and shares her stock with her online instagram followers.

Built uitilizing React and CSS on the front end and showcases a fully functioning shopping cart. This site retrieves endpoints for categories and products from a Macrina APIOnce categories and products are retrieved it caches them it local storage to give the user a quick experience. Here is a tutorial of the site.

Demo  Code


An App that offers arrangements for homestays similar to Made with Tailwind CSS utility framework. Book unique resorts, hostels and home stays all in one place. The design follows Airbnb layout.

Demo Code


An Android/Ios app for Ride sharing / hailing that literally connects you to a vehicle commute, Made with Flutter framework and deployed on Firebase. The app allows you to hail a ride by checking available trip.

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